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The POWERFUL link inserts that will kill your competition!

Real sites with REAL power!

Forget about PBNs, 2.0 web, forum, or comment links; be honest, there's not enough power in those; you'll need much more than that to push your or client's site higher.

Sites where we place links are not link farms; we outreach real sites that have good backlink profiles, built naturally for a company's branding purpose, and that are niche relevant!

What are Niche Edits backlinks?

There are several ways to describe this effective link building strategy, such as link insertions, link inserting, niche edits, and curated links. They all refer to links that are inserted into aged content on relevant sites. Link insertions and SEO go together, because the more quality backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more chances you have to improve ranking.

Do I really need Niche Edits?

Link building is closely tied to all other SEO aspects, and it is difficult to rank anything on Google without them. Link building is essential because it is still one of the main ranking factors for Google and other major search engines. Although many things have changed since the early days of SEO, but links still play an important role in how Google ranks pages on their search engine results pages (SERP).

A magical mix of features

SEO has become a complex strategy made up of many moving parts that must work together as a unified brand experience. This is why you need to rely on better SEO features than you did five years ago!
Permanent backlinks placements

Permanent placements

Tired of renting page posts or whole sites? Tired of trying multiple suppliers with a maximum of 2 months warranty? Permanent backlinks with a long-term warranty are a much more effective strategy.
Refund policy

100% refund GUARANTEE

If you're not satisfied with the current link placement, we'll find a new site and replace it free of charge. And if you're not happy with our SEO services at all, we'll refund your money immediately!

Real outreach service


There is no need to worry about hacked links or "high quality" links that cost $5 per placement. The outreach method of getting sites is the only safe and effective way to get your hands on quality links these days.
Niche Edits or curated backlinks are the best ranking booster for SEO


It is possible to rank a website without backlinks, although it is much more difficult. Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors for SEO, so if you can get them, your website will rank much more smoother.

What niches are available?

☑ Home
☑ Finance
☑ Review
☑ Adult
☑ History
☑ Car industry
☑ Tech
☑ How to
☑ Politics
☑ Gambling
☑ Ecommerce
☑ Health
☑ Crypto
☑ Pets
☑ Make money
☑ Beauty
☑ Casino
☑ Marketing
☑ Travel
☑ Gaming
☑ Pharma
☑ Lifestyle
☑ Business
☑ Sport
☑ Relationships
☑ Many other...
We are capable to deal with any niche possible!
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You get much more the regular link building

The most important thing for us is to make sure you're not only happy with our work, but with the customer services as well.
Anchor text up to 10 words
Custom surrounding context up to 50 words
URL replacement
Free replacement if link disappear
Long term warranty
One anchor replacement
24/7 support
100% money back policy
Custom orders

What about metrics?

Take a sneek peek into screenshot directly from our list
Possible niche edits backlinks metrics

What about backlinks quality?

The Niches Edits can surely help, whether your site was hit by a recent ALGO update or whenever the site is new. Niche Edits backlinks, combined with quality on-page optimization, can your or your client's site push much higher in the SERP and keep the position for a long time, even if a new ALGO update happens.

Traffic growth graph 1Traffic growth graph 2Traffic growth graph 3

Why Choose Niche Edits
From (N) Optimization

Genuine Outreach

Website quality is our #1 priority! We build links with website owners in your niche so that you can have a hassle-free process.


We offer authentic outreach link building services. We don't use any other network or shady means in our service.

Real Sites And Blogs

Only established sites with real human traffic and handwritten blogs matter, and that's all we offer.

100% Relevancy

We would place your backlink on the appropriate blog with the relevant context, which is the part of the relevant site to your niche.

Organic Metrics

Forget about boosted authority, oversaturated referring domains, and paid traffic. We're dealing only with the sites that actually rank!

Fair Pricing

We are devoted to give you a service that will provide an excellent return on investment - allowing you to profit from it.

Dofollow Placements

You can only expect dofollow link, inserted into an anchor text that you previously targeted.

Cost Effective

"Invest, rank it higher, get more traffic and make more sales" that's the tagline we use!


We divided the prices of niche edits into three categories according to the most popular metrics. RD is the number of pointing domains to a certain site, DR is the domain rating according to Ahrefs, and DA is the domain authority.
Prices for Niche Edits accordng to domain authority
Prices for curated backlinks accordng to domain rating
Prices for link building accordng to reffering domains

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Niche Edits can you provide me, monthly?

We cannot give you an exact number of possible placements because our list of sites expands by 5-10% monthly and loses 2-5% each month. However, our biggest order to date was for the health niche, which had 800 links. The reqired turnaround time for this link building process was 40-60 days.

What is your TAT (delivery time)?

We will deliver orders of up to 10 links within 7-10 days. Orders of 10-20 links will be delivered within 14-20 days. And any orders above that will be delivered in 30 days or less.

What payment methodes do you offer?

We accept PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Crypto. However, we do accept payments through Fiver, Legiit, and PeoplePerHour, but due to the high fees of those platforms, you will be charged more.

Can I see the samples?

Yes, we would be more than happy to send you samples for your business niche. Just contact us via live chat, contact form, or on our social proof accounts, and we will give you more details.

Do you accept foreign sites and keywords?

Yeah, we do accept foreign sites and keywords.

Do you own the website that you use for Niche Edits?

No, all websites are owned by the independent webmasters, with whom we keep connections and make agreements for our clients' placements.

What niches do you accept?

We can accept any niche possible. However, for some niches such as adult or gambling, we cannot promise to have high metrics.

Do you have some social proof regarding your work?

We have social proof and pages that attest to our credibility, as well as selling our services on many different freelancing platforms. Take a look!


Do you have bulk discounts?

Of course, we do offer quantity discounts! Please reach us out through live chat, the contact form, or our social accounts, and we will give you more details about it.

Our refund policy

If you dislike the link you received, we can provide a free replacement or refund your money if you are unsatisfied. The same goes if we are late on delivery.

Our Agency Can Supply Anyone, With a Thousand Links Each Month!


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