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On-page SEO optimization (also known as on-site SEO) refers to the practice of optimizing webpages' elements in order to improve a website's structure and gain organic traffic.
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On-Page SEO Prices

Make sure to pay a fair price for professional on-page services!


Site audit
Content optmization report
Broken links check
Images ALT optimization
Duplicate content check
Title tags optimization
Robots TXT file check and creation
Sitemap check & creation
Meta description creation
Mobile friendly test
Page performance test
Keywords research
Penalty check
Ranking keywords report
Https test
⛔  SEO action plan for site
⛔  Competitor analysis
⛔  Backlink report for main competitor
⛔  Competitors rankings keywords
Optimization For 1 Page


Site audit
Content optmization report
Broken links check
Images ALT optimization
Duplicate content check
Title tags optimization
Robots TXT file check and creation
Sitemap check & creation
Meta description creation
Mobile friendly test
Page performance test
Keywords research
Penalty check
Ranking keywords report
Https test
SEO action plan for site
Competitor analysis
Backlink report for main competitor
Competitors rankings keywords
Optimization For 5 Pages


Site audit
Content optmization report
Broken links check
Images ALT optimization
Duplicate content check
Title tags optimization
Robots TXT file check and creation
Sitemap check & creation
Meta description creation
Mobile friendly test
Page performance test
Keywords research
Penalty check
Ranking keywords report
Https test
SEO action plan for site
Competitor analysis
Backlink report for main competitor
Competitors rankings keywords
Optimization For 10 Pages
IMPORTANT: On-page optimization only applies to unoptimized pages or pages with outdated optimization. We are not working with pages or sites that are already optimized.
On-Page SEO

Most crutial parts of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves the SEO elements you can control on the actual webpage or in the webpage code. Some on-page SEO examples are content, headlines and headers, image optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, structured data, etc.

So to put it simply - if you want to get the best possible from on-site SEO, you will have to optimize all these parameters and ensure they work together in "harmony". Either way, you can hire our team, which can handle and resolove all problems that you're facing on your website, and thus improve your overall performance.

Page's Content

Google understands that users want to find helpful information when they visit a page, so it focuses on the page's content. Your content must match the user's search intent and be compatible with Google's engine for the best results possible.

H1 Title

The title tag is a meta tag that appears on the URL tab in your web browser. It has to be highly relevant to the H1 title in order to send a relevant signal to search engines and users about the topic of your web page.

Meta Description

A meta description is a brief, relevant summary of a page's content. It is like a pitch to the user, convincing them that the page is exactly what they are looking for. Furthermore, this description must contain certain tags related to the H1 title for a better ranking outcome.

Heading Tags

Besides H1 titles, H2, H3, H4, and H5 tags are extremely important too. They are used to separate headings and subheadings on a webpage so that both Google and users can read articles more easily.

Inner Linking

Inner linking helps in improving the usability of your site by allowing visitors to navigate between related articles. It also helps in increasing the dwell time on your site, which is a factor that search engines take into account when ranking your content.


Although Google can't see images, it's still important to include highly relevant images on your webpage. And based on their relevance with the entire page's content, you will be able to write decent ALT text which will stand by your overall on-page SEO.

Keyword Density

Having images located beneath the titles and videos (in some cases) is currently key for SEO success. With relevant ALT tags, your page will be optimized for higher rankings.

ALT texts

Having cool images or videos on your webpage is pointless if you leave their ALT texts completely empty and unoptimized.
On-Page SEO

The Undefined Value of On-Page SEO

We help recreate and adapt your website to drive more traffic from your local area. Unlike big businesses, only a few local companies understand the importance of having SEO-optimized websites. By understanding that, we’re able to take advantage of your local competitors’ disinterest and gain 80% of all local searches for your business niche.

Importance of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO allows search engines to analyze your website and its content so that the search engine can determine if a searcher's inquiry is relevant to your site. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to better comprehend a searcher's intent and give results that fulfill users' requirements.

It is unlikely that you will rank highly on SERP if you do not have decent on-page optimization, even if you have a significant budget for backlinks.

Men scrolling through Google listing on tablet
SEO expert working on a laptop and performing on-page SEO optimization on a website

On-Page SEO  vs Off-Page SEO

We use the best practices to optimize your web pages through our result-oriented on-page SEO strategies. By focusing primarily on the elements that are directly on your page, like title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text, etc., we create more substantial references and link your page to direct and related searches. And as a result, your business has a local related visibility, which can lead to higher views, clicks, and sales.

Ultimately, our experienced SEO specialists are using on-page SEO as a first step in spreading the word about your services on the local market thought this, monthly packages or any other.

Why Our On-Page SEO Services?

Hiring a professional with experience in their field creates a marked difference in your web presence. We offer professional copywriting services done by our technically trained experts who have the skill and the knowledge to incorporate SEO flawlessly in your web content. Our teams create efficient and effective messaging for your brand/service based on your targeted demographic and address the needs of the local customers that your product/service can solve. With due diligence and research, we are able to devise the offer most appealingly and highlight the benefits you offer so the customers can connect with confidence.

Girl working on a laptop and writing website content
Why choose us?

Reasons to work with us?

A comprehensive service for you, (N) Optimization is your one-stop solution for all SEO needs. You can trust us to get the job done!

Continues Growth

With our result-driven SEO SMB packages, your business will constantly bring you automated traffic so you can rely on the outcome every month.

Affordable services

Our services are budget-friendly, with different plans that cater to the requirements of your business structure. Choose a plan you can afford and get started on your SEO journey!


We offer cost-effective solutions that do not require upgrading or refreshing strategies. We aim to bring optimum value through each plan for our customers.
SEO Services

Get BEST SEO Services For Your Business

A screenshot of multiple client's websites , demonstrating the real power of niche edits backlinks.

What are SEO packages for small businesses?

Our SEO packages for small businesses are designed in that way to help you buy enterprise packages in less than one year!

To be more specific, these packages are made (and adapted) particularly for small businesses and not for any other. Although 70% of small businesses are related locally, we can still distinguish them because, according to the official definition, small businesses have over 20 employees and can operate in several locations, cities, or even countries. However, if your business is below these criteria, we recommend using local SEO packages instead.

Are these packages indeed helpful?

Yes, they can be quite helpful for small businesses, whether they are just starting out or already established. These packages are specifically designed to build a site's authority so that Google recognizes it and ranks it higher. However, we can build authority through a comprehensive SEO campaign that includes professional on-page optimization, building high authority backlinks (niche edits and guest posting), and quality content publishing that is 110% SEO friendly.

We adapted these packages to fit anyone’s needs and requirements, and moreover, we divided them into several categories in order to be affordable for everyone. Remember, a good SEO strategy for small businesses can make your brand visible far and wide. So, if you need any help with this, make sure to get in touch with N-optimization SEO agency.

An infographic showing how a niche edit backlink look like in real life.

Is it clever to invest in SEO packages right away?

Well, if you have a decent budget, then you have no reason to hesitate, and you should invest in SEO packages right away! However, if you just started your business or you’re still struggling, we can recommend a few options;

The first option will be to collect lead information (manually) and start contacting your clients directly (this can be done by hiring call service or email agents). Supposedly after that, you will probably get some clients that will improve your financial situation, which will lead to investing more money into SEO packages and growing even more!

The second option (which we highly recommend) is to try our free package!

Yeah, sounds good, but how it works? Well, if you have a website that is struggling to rank, we can slightly increase its ranking position. Supposedly after this, your website will get some traffic and hopefully get some customers. And hopefully, they will help you get on your feet and allow you to invest more in SEO optimization.

Basically, this means we can help you make money without any upfront investment.

Best Local Features

We Provide Best Features

We offer a variety of custom packages for small businesses. Each package is designed to empower you so you can buy an enterprise package in one year.

GMB Veryfication And Ranking

Getting Google My Business verified and approved is the first step in any package. But without running SEO optimization through it, you may not get as much attention as you could.

Map Location

Local SEO also means showing your business location on Google Maps so customers can come to your store.

Website Optimization

Whichever package you choose, we will strive to optimize your website to appear in front of a local audience near you.

Fair Pricing

We are devoted to give you a service that will provide an excellent return on investment - allowing you to profit from it.

Dofollow Links

You can only expect a dofollow link inserted into an anchor text with your keyword, surrounded by relevant context.

100% Relevancy

We would place your backlink on the appropriate blog with the relevant context, which is the part of the relevant site to your niche.

Thing that some people don't know about localSEO packages


The real definition of local SEO

Who really needs Local SEO

Some people think that SEO is not important at all nor that it has any demand on the web. But luckily, it's not true! In fact, local SEO plays a significant role worldwide and definitely makes up a large part of all searches on the web!

According to Google, in recent year (2022), around 46% of all searches were locally oriented. To put in another perspective, that's equal to approximately 3.9 billion searches EACH DAY!

Another concern (or a lie) regarding local SEO is that you "supposedly" need a huge budget. Fortunately, that is also not the truth! The biggest reason for this is weak competition. For example, if you search for the keyword "air conditions New Jersey" you won't find Amazon or Wall Street Journal because they're targeting the whole world market (not the local ones). Still, you will find smaller websites that are breaking through their local competition and presenting their specific business.

Due to the weak competition, which mainly doesn't invest in local SEO nor in startup SEO packages for small businesses, a much smaller budget is needed, and therefore it's much easier to rank the site and beat all of them.

This SEO branch ties two things; local website optimization, which includes on and off-page SEO adaptation, and as well GMB listing and it's ranking. The simple goal of local SEO is to drive you more traffic through the website's ranking and Google My Business listing. It's obvious that both parts are important, and Google says that about 30% of local audience ends up on GMB listing, while the other 70% end up entering the websites.

Local SEO is very important to businesses and stores that primarily rely on local customers or to people that are temporarily in that location. Businesses of that type are food restaurants, car services, health care, housing services, lawyers, etc. And the best part is that it's completely free to list a business on Google. Therefore, if you have a physical address, make sure to apply as soon as possible!

Main Steps

Rely On The Foundation Of A Strong SEO Strategy from (N) Optimization

The foundation of a strong webpage begins with assembling quality elements on it (these elemtns include page’s context, images, links and so on). But the thing is, that foundation can become even stronger if all of these elements get a proper on-site optimization!
We must understand, ranking a website goes beyond just investing in a fancy web design, page context, images and all those stuff that will impress your audience. But the truth is, all of these elements won’t reach their full potential unless they are connected and integrated through on-page optimization.
Main Steps

Simple reports which will maintain your position

The performance of a website certainly depends on its frontend elements, such as website appearance, content, user experience, images, etc. However, below the surface, there are hidden elements that can harm your website's ranking position if you don't pay better attention. Among these elements are duplicated content, broken links, sitemap, page or website performance, mobile-friendliness, and so on.

So, without monitoring and maintaining these, you might face ranking drops that will harm your business. Therefore, feel free to let our team deal with those while you sit and relax.

Broken links check

Checking for broken links will keep you far from Google marking you as spam.

Duplicate content check

Copy-pasted content won't rank. And with our help, you won't have any plagiarism.

Mobile friendly test

64% of all searches on Google are mobile-related, and making sure to be mobile-friendly is the unskippable step.
Icon representing website sitemap

Sitemap check & creation

Sitemap creation is essential so Google can see the website structure and crawl it.

Penalty check

If your page got a penalty, there's no point wasting money on it, except unpenalized it.

Page performance test

Without proper speed optimization, your page will slow down, and you will lose 30% of the audience.
What we Offer

What we actually Offer and What is Our Goal?

Below are some of the main aspects of our service.

Trustworthy Strategy

Our strategy is based on heavy experience of 10 years.

Safe Optimization Methods

Our methods will keep your website safe and fresh forever.

Ranking Improvement

Our 1# priority is to improve your page's ranking.

Professional Approach

Our team will approach your site professionally and leave no traces behind.

Quick Turnaround Time

No need to wait for 2 months for the report, just a week or less.


Our strategy is based on experiance heavy 10 years
Image showing key features and offers of our services
Working together to achieve your business goals

Better Page Structure

We're going to make your page more organized and easier to read.

Eye-catching Title

An eye-catching title that tempts clicks is a "must have" in the SEO world.

Attractive Meta Description

You need a meta description that quickly explains the purpose of your page in order to attract visitors.

Outstanding Optimization

Prepare to see outstanding results after our on-page optimization.

User-Friendly Navigation

Without a positive user experience, you won't enjoy passive income.

SERP Skyrocketing

The best goal you're going to achieve is SERP skyrocketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know I need on-page optimization?

First of all, please contact our team and send us the URL. Our team will analyze it and determine whether you require an optimization service or not - free of charge.

Can you provide on-page services for my entire website?

Yes, we are able to. Please get in touch with us so we can create a custom plan for you.

Can you optimize foreign websites?

Unfortunately we are not dealing with foreign websites.

When to expect results from your on-page services?

You can expect to see results within 30 days of receiving the report.

What is delivery time (TAT)?

The bottom line is 15 days, however, that depends on total page number and optimization checkpoints.
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